Add a New Help Desk/ITSM User

Learn how to add a new user profile, including assigning authorizations to the Giva system

Creating a Customer Profile

Navigating to the Profile Creation Page

To start, from any page, hover over the blue "+" icon in the top navigation and select "People". This will lead you to the profile creation section.

Filling in the Summary Tab

On the "Summary" tab, you'll see a form with various fields to fill in. Required fields are clearly marked, while others are optional. For setting up a password, click the "Change Password" button. If you need information about Giva's login credential security policy, simply click the information icon next to "Password". After entering the necessary information, you can save the profile, assigning the individual a basic "customer" role. This role doesn’t require a license but grants access to the Customer Self-Service portal if enabled.

Assigning Roles and Service Groups

Choosing Company-Wide Settings

Under the "Roles & Service Groups" tab, you can assign roles that provide different levels of authority within the Giva system. Start by choosing company-wide settings that apply across all service desks.

Understanding License Types

Customers or Employees typically do not require a paid license. These are the individuals you service, who either call the service desk or log into the Customer Self-Service Portal. Other roles, such as Administrators, require a fixed license and are for those actively using the Giva system. Additional details about Giva licenses can be found by clicking the links provided in this section.

Setting Access to Service Desks

In this section, you can set access roles to various modules within a service desk. A customer role, for instance, allows access to the Self-Service portal for viewing personal tickets. However, you can authorize individuals, like supervisors, to view other people’s tickets as well. Continue to select roles as needed and use the information icons for detailed descriptions of each role.

Assigning to Service Groups

If authorizing access to a specific service desk, select the appropriate service groups, choose a default group, and, if necessary, assign the individual as a Dispatcher. This role entails receiving notifications for new tickets assigned to that service group.

Completing the Profile with Details and Custom Fields

On the "Details" tab, you will find other optional fields, including any custom user profile fields that have been created for your company’s user profiles. Fill in these fields as necessary to complete the profile.

Saving and Locating the Profile

After entering all the necessary information, click 'Save' to secure your changes. To locate and edit a profile later, select "People" in the upper right, enter the person’s name, and press Enter. This quick search feature makes it easy to find and update profiles as needed.
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