Administrating Customer Service Software

Learn how to get to the Administration section, how it is structured by Giva module and then organized into categories from basic to advanced setup


Your Giva Customer Service Software account starts with common default settings, but the real power lies in customizing these settings to align perfectly with your organization's specific needs.

Accessing the Administration Section

Navigating to Administration

To begin customizing your settings, simply mouse over your name in the upper right corner and click the "Administration" link. Here, you'll find that each module, starting with Tickets, has its own administration section, categorized into Basic, Popular, and Advanced setups.

Exploring Different Modules

Each module within Giva has its own administration section. It's recommended to start with "Tickets" and then proceed to review other modules. The setup is categorized into Basic, Popular, and Advanced, each offering different levels of customization.

Step-by-Step Customization Process

Reviewing Each Section

Before using using Giva, it's important to review the information under each section. This step ensures you're fully aware of all the features and capabilities at your disposal. For many setup steps, Giva offers short video tutorials, each less than a minute and a half, to guide you through the process.

Sequential Setup Approach

Start with Step 1, read the instructions carefully, and follow each step. It is also recommended to view the accompanying videos if available. Remember, each step in the setup process builds upon the previous one, forming a foundation for the next. Therefore, it's important to start with Step 1 and make necessary changes before moving to Step 2.

Customization and Scalability

Giva's administration setup offers extensive customization capabilities. Utilize only what is necessary and makes sense for your organization. The flexibility of Giva's system means that as your organization evolves and grows, Giva is equipped to grow with you, offering peace of mind and adaptability.

Support and Additional Resources

If you have any questions or need assistance, Giva Support is just a few clicks away. Go to your name in the upper right corner and click the "Get Help" link to contact Giva Support by creating a ticket online. Additionally, you have access to a wealth of resources, including Video tutorials & training, the Quick Start Guide, the FAQ, Keyboard shortcuts, and Release Notes.
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