Giva's Customer Service AI Copilot

Use Giva's Copilot to help agents craft the best responses to customers


Giva has harnessed the capabilities of OpenAI to create a groundbreaking feature known as "Giva Copilot." This integration leverages Microsoft Azure to ensure the privacy and HIPAA compliance of all customer data. By introducing AI into the customer service process, Giva Copilot aims to significantly enhance the productivity of Agents and Managers, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Summarizing Complex Tickets

The first standout feature of Giva Copilot is its ability to generate concise summaries of complex tickets. By simply clicking the "Summarize Ticket" button, agents can view a dialog box that presents a summary of the ticket, including insights into customer sentiment and recommended next steps. This function not only saves time but also aids in quickly grasping the essence of complex issues.

Rewriting Ticket Content with AI

Another key capability of Giva Copilot is assisting Agents in rewriting various parts of a ticket, such as the subject, resolution, or notes. The AI can suggest revisions that are more positive and customer-friendly or expand brief texts into more comprehensive instructions. This feature is especially useful for refining the communication tone and ensuring clarity in interactions with customers.

Enhancing Productivity with Information Retrieval

Giva Copilot also excels in retrieving and formatting information from the internet, which can be integrated directly into tickets. For instance, Agents can input a query on how to perform a specific task, and Copilot will provide a step-by-step guide. This functionality not only streamlines the process of gathering information but also ensures it's presented in an accessible format to customers.

Administration and Customization

Recognizing the varied approaches to AI across organizations, Giva Copilot offers flexible administration settings. It can be enabled or disabled for each Service Desk or instance of Giva, allowing organizations to align its use with their specific policies on AI. The Administration section provides easy access to these settings, ensuring that managing Copilot's features aligns with organizational preferences and policies.

Empathetic and Customer-Friendly Communication

Giva Copilot demonstrates its ability to transform standard responses into empathetic, engaging communications. This AI-powered tool enables Agents to provide replies that resonate more positively with customers, fostering a better service experience. Furthermore, Copilot's capacity to format and personalize responses ensures that help is provided in a manner that's both effective and empathetic.
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