CC Customer & Assignee in a Giva Ticket Notification

Include other customers and assignees to receive ticket notifications


Adding a person as a Customer CC (Carbon Copy) or an Assignee CC in a Giva ticket ensures they receive the same email notifications as the ticket's customer or assignee, respectively. This feature is particularly useful for keeping relevant parties informed about ticket updates and progress.

Adding a Customer CC

When creating or viewing a ticket, look for the customer name on the right side and click "Add Customer CC". To add a person:
  • Searching for a Customer: : In the provided box, type at least three characters of the customer's name.
  • Selecting the Right Person: From the dropdown list, select the correct person. You can add multiple names if necessary.
  • Identifying by Email: Email addresses are displayed alongside names to help you distinguish among the customers.

Adding an Assignee CC

The process for adding an Assignee CC is similar to that of a Customer CC:
  • Locating the Option: Find the option to add an Assignee CC in the ticket.
  • Selecting from Giva Agents: The people listed for Assignee CCs are other Giva Agents. Select the appropriate agent(s) following the same steps as for Customer CC.

Inclusion in Public Note Notifications

A person can also be added to receive a copy of a public note entered in the ticket:
  • Writing the Note: Type in your note in the ticket.
  • Ensuring Email Notification: Make sure the "E-mail this note to the customer" checkbox is checked.
  • Adding a CC In the CC field, begin typing the name of the person you wish to include, and then select them from the list. Note that any customer CC is automatically included in a public note CC notification.

Removing a CC from a Ticket

To remove a CC from a ticket, simply click the "X" next to the person’s name. This will stop further email notifications to that individual regarding the ticket.

Saving the Ticket and Notifications

Once you have made all necessary additions or removals, click "Save" to save the ticket. This action will generate the appropriate email notifications to all included Customer and Assignee CCs.
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