Giva Change Management Approval Process

Learn the approval process workflow using Giva's change management module


To effectively manage changes within your IT infrastructure using Giva's Change Management Software, it's important to understand the approval process. This process is outlined in the help pages accessible from the RFC Administration section or on the Request For Change (RFC) create or edit pages.

Exploring the Status Change Process Flow

  • Workflow Overview: The Status Change Process Flow page provides a visual representation of the RFC lifecycle. It details the progression of an RFC through various states and the decisions made by the Change Manager, Change Advisory Board (CAB), and others involved in the process.
  • Understanding Notifications: Additionally, the Notification Process Flow page illustrates the actions within an RFC that trigger email notifications, ensuring all stakeholders are kept informed.

Initial Review by the Change Manager

When new RFCs are submitted, the Change Manager usually conducts the first review. For routine and low-risk RFCs, the Change Manager can immediately approve the request by changing the status to "APPROVED" or "SCHEDULED".

Broad Overview of the Approval Process

  • Defining Pending Actions: Pending Actions represent tasks that must be completed before an RFC can be approved. These are set up in the administration section and may include actions like Test, Implementation, and Backout Plans.
  • Tracking Progress: As each Pending Action is completed, it is unchecked, indicating completion. The last action typically checked is "Awaiting Approval", signaling readiness for the approval process.

Reviewing and Approving RFCs

  • Audit Trail: The RFC's history section provides a clear and permanent record of all actions taken, ensuring compliance and accountability.
  • Example Scenario: For an RFC in the planning stage, appropriate Pending Actions such as "Test Plan" and "Backout Plan" are checked. Once these plans are included in the RFC, they are unchecked.

Finalizing the Approval Process

Role of Change Managers and CAB

  • Changing Status to "PENDING": Once satisfied with the RFC's completeness, the Change Manager changes its status to "PENDING", and checks the "AWAITING APPROVAL" action. This action prompts Giva to email the CAB and Emergency Committee for review.
  • CAB's Involvement: CAB members are expected to discuss and advise the Change Manager, aiding in the decision-making process.

Designating Approvers

  • Approver Roles: Besides Change Managers and Emergency Committee members, others can be designated as approvers in their user profiles.
  • Recording Approvals: Approvers document their approval by checking the "My Approval" checkbox while editing an RFC.

Overrides by Change Managers

Change Managers have the authority to override the normal approval workflow and approve an RFC unilaterally, bypassing the standard requirements for multiple approvals.
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