Configure Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Learn how to configure and send customer surveys, and how to create a custom one for your organization


Customer satisfaction surveys are essential tools in Giva for gathering feedback from customers when tickets are closed. These surveys not only enhance customer service but also contribute valuable data for performance evaluation.

Activating and Setting Survey Preferences

Enabling Surveys and Customizing Delivery

  • Activating Surveys: Start by enabling surveys on the customer survey settings administration page.
  • Survey Frequency: Choose to send surveys for every ticket or after a specific number of tickets.
  • Limiting Survey Frequency: Set a cap on the number of surveys sent within a given timeframe.

Notifying Team Members Based on Customer Ratings

  • Notification Integration: Decide whether to include the survey in the ticket's final customer notification or in a separate message.
  • Survey Format: Choose to present the survey as a clickable link or embed it directly within the notification.

Survey Notification Options

Set up notifications for selected email addresses when customers give specific ratings, such as a "1" indicating poor service.

Choose the Default Survey or Create a Custom One

Reviewing Giva’s Default Survey

Examine Giva’s default survey template. Your organization's logo will be displayed at the top.

Creating a Custom Survey

If the default survey doesn't meet your needs, create a custom survey by following the provided instructions.
  • Welcome Message: Add a welcome message in a "multi-line text read-only" field.
  • Field Configuration: Place the welcome message in row 1, column 1, and save changes.
  • Previewing the Form: Use the "Show Preview" button to review the form layout.
  • Resolving Issue Inquiry: For example, add a question about issue resolution satisfaction using radio buttons for "Yes" or "No" responses.
  • Field Placement: Position this question in row 2, column 1.
  • Feedback Section: Include a field for open-ended feedback using a "multi-line text input" format.
  • Form Layout: Set this field in row 3, column 1, and save.
  • Final Preview:s Use "Show Preview" to see the complete survey form.
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