Configure Email to Ticket Rules

Learn how to configure business rules for converting emails into tickets


Giva's capability to automatically convert emails into tickets streamlines the ticketing process. This feature includes the transfer of email attachments and embedded images into the created ticket.

Setting Up Conversion Rules

At least one rule is required for email-to-ticket conversion. A default rule exists, but specific rules can be added for tailored responses.
  • Rule Naming: Start by naming the rule for easy identification.
  • Defining Conditions: Select the email field to examine (e.g., "from" address, subject line) and the criteria for matching (e.g., exact match, partial match).

Custom Rule for High-Value Customers

  • Creating a Specific Rule: For instance, set a rule for emails from "" to be categorized as severity level 1, indicating high priority.
  • Condition Specification: Ensure specificity in matching criteria, such as using "" to avoid incorrect matches with similar domains.

Configuring Rule Actions and Ticket Fields

  • Action Choices: Choose to either ignore the email (useful for filtering spam) or create a ticket.
  • Ticket Field Configuration: Determine how the ticket should be created based on the rule. Select whether the ticket is for the email sender or a specific individual in the organization. For high-value customers, choose an appropriate severity level.

Saving and Organizing Rules

  • Saving Changes: Once the rule is fully configured, save the changes.
  • Rule Ordering: Arrange rules in order of importance, as they are processed from top to bottom. More critical rules should be higher on the list.
  • Final Rule for Unmatched Emails: Place a general rule with the "Apply to all messages" condition at the end of the list to catch any emails not addressed by other rules.

Managing Rules

  • Reordering Rules: Utilize the drag-and-drop feature to rearrange rules in the list.
  • Additional Rule Actions: Access further options for each rule using the dots on the right side of the list for edits or other modifications.
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