Configure SLA Breach Notifications

Learn how to configure sending notifications to people when tickets are over SLA


Implementing automatic escalation for tickets is a critical aspect of maintaining high-quality customer service. Giva's SLA breach notification system is designed to alert the relevant personnel when a ticket requires attention, ensuring timely responses and resolutions.

Setting Up Notifications in Service Groups

In the configuration of a service group, locate the "Recurring SLA Breach Notifications" section.
  • Notification Setup: Here, you can set up a series of Service Level Agreement breach notifications for each severity level of a ticket.
  • Selecting Notification Recipients: Choose team members from the dropdown lists who will receive notifications if a ticket's "SLA Time to Respond" or "SLA Time to Resolve" is overdue.
  • Sequential Notifications: The first person listed receives the initial notification. Subsequently, as each SLA time interval passes, notifications are sent to the next person in the sequence.
  • Continuous Alerts: The process continues until the last designated person is notified. This individual will receive recurring notifications until the ticket is addressed or closed.
  • Adjusting Notification Levels: You can reorder the notification sequence by changing the numbers in the "Level" field.
  • Addressing Configuration Warnings: When making selections, pay attention to any "Notes" that may indicate issues preventing selected individuals from receiving notifications.
  • Notifying Assignees and Dispatchers: For each notification level, you have the option to notify the ticket's assignee or the service group’s dispatchers, especially if the ticket remains unassigned.

Setting Notification Intervals in Severity Levels

In the configuration of a severity level, locate the "Recurring Escalation Breach Notifications" section.
  • Interval Configuration: Input the intervals (in minutes, hours, or days) for notification frequency.
  • Understanding Ticket Status: A ticket is considered "Responded" to when any field is changed and saved, and "Resolved" when its status changes to a "Closed" status.

Configuring Personal Preferences for Notifications

  • Personal Preference Setup: Each person must configure their personal preferences to receive SLA breach notifications. This can be done by mousing over their name, selecting "Personal Preferences", and setting notification preferences for each severity level.
  • Administrator Settings: Alternatively, an administrator can set these preferences for any agent on the "Set How SLA Breach Notifications Are Sent" administration page.
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