Configure Ticket Macros

Create preconifgurations to quickly make multiple changes to tickets in one step


Ticket Macros in Giva are instrumental in streamlining ticket creation and editing, particularly for recurring issues like password resets, order status inquiries, and "how-to" questions. These macros not only expedite the ticketing process but also ensure consistency in responses.

Examples of Macros and Their Applications

  1. Password Reset Macro: This macro can be applied to new or existing tickets to quickly handle standard password reset requests.
  2. Macro for Closing Tickets: A versatile macro that allows for updating multiple fields simultaneously and closing the ticket efficiently.
  3. Thanking Customers for Feature Requests: A macro designed to acknowledge and thank customers for their suggestions, adding a personal touch to customer interactions.
Macros can be applied with a single click, instantly populating a ticket with predefined information. This feature is particularly useful during live interactions with customers, allowing agents to modify and add information as the conversation progresses.
It's important to note the distinction between Quick Tickets and Macros in Giva. Quick Tickets are advantageous for tasks like onboarding/offboarding and offer specialized reporting features.

Creating and Customizing Macros

  • Macro Button Activation: Initially, the "Ticket Macro" button appears grey and disabled. Once one or more macros are created, it becomes active and blue.
  • Creating Macro Categories: Organize your macros into categories for easy navigation and usage. Categories can be added, edited, disabled, or deleted as per the organization's needs.
  • Adding a New Macro: Begin by naming the macro and optionally assigning it to a category.
  • Configuring Macro Actions: Define specific actions and field updates for the macro. For instance, a macro for closing tickets can include a public note and update various ticket fields.
  • Personalizing with Dynamic Text: Enhance macros with dynamic text for personalization, such as customer names, agent details, and ticket numbers.
  • Saving Changes: Make sure to save the changes after configuring each macro.

Applying Macros to Tickets

Once created, macros can be applied to any ticket via the "Apply Macro" button, providing agents with a powerful tool to handle tickets more efficiently and consistently.
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