Create a Knowledge Article

Learn how to create and submit knowledge articles


Creating a knowledge article in Giva is a straightforward process that allows you to contribute valuable information to your organization's knowledge base.

Starting the Knowledge Article Creation

To begin, navigate to the top of any page in Giva, mouse over the blue "+" icon, and select "Knowledge". This action takes you to the starting point for creating a new knowledge article.

Entering Basic Information

  • Title and Keywords: Enter a concise and descriptive title for your article, followed by any related keywords that will make the article easily searchable.
  • Selecting Categories: If necessary, choose one or more categories that are related to your article. This helps in organizing the content and making it easily accessible within specific contexts.

Composing the Main Content

  • Rich Text Formatting: The main content of your article is entered into a rich text editor. This editor supports typical formatting options, such as headers, bold text, lists, and more.
  • Including Images: You can also add images to enhance your article. These can be directly inserted or copied from other document editors like Microsoft Word.

Finalizing and Submitting the Article

Making the Article Immediately Available

  • Hot Knowledge Option: If the article needs to be made available for searching immediately, check the 'Hot Knowledge' option. This allows the article to temporarily bypass the usual approval process.
  • Adding Attachments: Attach any necessary files to your article. These could include additional documents, images, or any other relevant attachments.
  • Reviewing Similar Articles: After entering your information, Giva automatically searches for similar articles. This feature helps prevent the creation of duplicate content.

Submitting for Approval

Once you have reviewed and are satisfied with your article, click "Submit" to initiate the standard workflow process for publishing knowledge articles within your company.
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