Create a Customer Service Ticket

Learn about creating a ticket, selecting from various fields or entering information, and about various options

Beginning the Ticket Creation

Entering Basic Information

Start by ensuring the "Create Ticket" tab is highlighted in blue. Here, you'll input essential details such as a name, phone number, email, or other pertinent information, and then press Enter. If a list of names appears, simply click the correct one to begin your ticket creation.

Choosing the Nature of Request

Your first step in detailing the ticket is selecting the nature of your request, which categorizes your issue. This can be done easily using either your mouse or keyboard. Selecting the right category is crucial for your ticket to be addressed by the appropriate team.

Filling Out Ticket Details

Describing the Issue

After selecting your category, it's time to enter a description of your issue. Aim for clarity and conciseness to ensure the quickest and most accurate response. In this area, you'll also find other menus to provide additional specifics about your request.

Public and Private Notes

You have the option to add public notes, visible to everyone, and private notes, which are only visible to your colleagues. Public notes can be sent via email to others, while private notes remain confidential, hidden from users of the self-service portal.

Ticket Resolution

If your issue can be resolved immediately, add a resolution and click Create. This feature is helpful for swiftly addressing straightforward issues.

Utilizing Additional Ticket Features

Optional Functions

On the right side, you'll find optional functions that can enhance your ticket. Customer CCs will receive all customer notifications, while assignee CCs get notifications meant for assignees. These functions help in keeping relevant parties informed.

Adding Attachments and Screenshots

Attachments can be added simply by dragging and dropping files into the ticket. For adding screenshots, use the copy and paste function (Ctrl-V, or Command-V for Apple products) after clicking 'Attach Screenshot'. This visual aid can be crucial in providing clear context for your issue.

Advanced Ticketing Options

Searching for Knowledge and Past Resolutions

Leverage the ticket system to search for relevant knowledge articles or past resolutions that relate to your current issue. This feature can be a quick way to find existing solutions or information.

Grouping Tickets and Child Tickets

Link your ticket to a group to manage it as part of a broader issue, or add child tickets as tasks to track specific work required by others. This is especially useful for complex issues requiring coordinated efforts.

Tracking Time Worked

Enter the time spent working on the issue using various convenient formats. Accurate time tracking is essential for service efficiency and analysis.

Completing the Ticket Creation

Once you've filled out all necessary information, click Create. You will be redirected to the home page, where a confirmation message with a link to your ticket will be displayed. This link allows you to revisit the ticket for additional updates or follow-ups.
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