Create Child Tickets

Learn about Parent/Child tickets, & how to create child tickets when viewing & creating tickets


In Giva, the ticketing system is designed to handle complex tasks by using a Parent and Child ticket structure. This structure allows for the addition of any number of sub-tasks (Child tickets) to a main task (Parent ticket).

Understanding Parent and Child Tickets

  • Parent Ticket: This is the main ticket that represents a larger task or project. For instance, onboarding a new employee or customer could be a Parent ticket.
  • Child Tickets: These are sub-tasks or smaller tasks that are part of the larger Parent ticket. Examples include setting up an email address or creating user accounts. It's important to note that the Parent ticket cannot be closed until all Child tickets are resolved, ensuring completion of all sub-tasks.

Steps to Creating a Child Ticket from an Existing Ticket

  1. Accessing the Option: While viewing a ticket, click "Create child ticket".
  2. Filling in Details: Complete all required fields in the dialog box that appears.
  3. Saving Options:
    • Click "Create & New" to save the current Child ticket and proceed to enter another one.
    • Click "Create & Exit" to save the current Child ticket and close the dialog box.
  4. Immediate Display and Management: Child tickets are saved instantly and displayed within the Parent ticket. They come with actions for quick management by Agents. Additionally, the history notes section allows you to view either just the Parent ticket’s history or include the history from all Child tickets.

Adding Child Tickets During Ticket Creation

Child tickets can also be added at the time of creating a new ticket. Follow the same steps as above, and when the Parent ticket is created, all the associated Child tickets will be created simultaneously.

Navigating Between Parent and Child Tickets

  • Parent Tab: When viewing a Child ticket, you can click on the "Parent" tab to view details about the Parent ticket.
  • Siblings Tab: The "Siblings" tab provides a list of all Child tickets associated with the same Parent ticket. This feature is useful for getting a comprehensive view of all related tasks.
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