Customer Self-Service Portal Administration

Learn how prepare users to be able to use the customer self-service portal


If your organization is implementing Giva's Self-Service Portal for customers to create and manage their tickets, several key steps are necessary for a successful setup.

Creating and Managing User Profiles

  • User Profile Requirements: Each customer using the Self-Service Portal needs a Giva user profile. These profiles can be added manually or through various integrations such as LDAP, Giva's API, or bulk uploads via Excel.
  • Security Enhancements: Consider enabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for added security, requiring a secondary authentication form for login. Single Sign-On (SSO) can also be configured for ease of access without needing login credentials.

Manual User Profile Creation

  • Adding a New Profile: To manually add a new user profile, click the "+" sign. Enter the individual's basic information on the subsequent page.
  • Configuring Roles and Access: Under "Roles and Service Groups", assign the free customer license and customer role in the ticketing module. Additional module access can be granted as needed, such as to your organization's knowledge base.
  • Reviewing Other Settings: On the "Details" tab, review and adjust settings as necessary, ensuring the user profile aligns with your organization's protocols.
  • Saving Changes: After making any modifications, save the changes to grant the individual access to the Giva system.

Configuring Self-Service Portal Administration Settings

  • User Capabilities: Examine the first set of options in the administration settings, which govern user capabilities like ticket creation and severity level setting.
  • User Navigation Experience: Decide how users navigate when creating a ticket. You can choose to direct them to their profile first or straight to the ticket entry form.
  • Customizing Profile Layout: Customize the layout of profile fields on the ticket profile tab. Use the provided instructions to adjust the layout to your preference.
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