Customer Service Self-Service Portal

Learn how your customers can log into Giva, search for answers using knowledge articles, & open up tickets


The Giva Customer Service Self-Service Portal is a 24/7 hub for accessing a wealth of helpful resources. This portal is designed to empower you to find solutions to your queries and issues with ease. Whether you're exploring knowledge articles or need to create a support ticket, the portal is streamlined to enhance your customer service experience.

Leveraging Knowledge Resources

Discovering Knowledge FAQ and Articles

Begin on the portal's home page, where the Knowledge FAQ offers answers to common problems. These tailored resources, like an article discussing a standard order template, are crafted by your organization to address frequent queries. Clicking on the links, you can access detailed articles enriched with screenshots and formatted information for clarity and quick understanding.

Interactive Article Feedback

After reading an article, you're encouraged to indicate its helpfulness and provide a rating. This feedback assists in maintaining the relevance and usefulness of these knowledge resources.

Finding Solutions and Performing Searches

Most Frequently Used Solutions

If your query remains unresolved, the "Most Frequently Used Solutions" is a beneficial resource. These articles, popular among others in your organization, might hold the key to solving your problems.

Comprehensive Article Search

For a more specific search, utilize the search bar just like you would with Google. Advanced search options let you narrow down by category, conduct detailed searches, or browse all articles by category. Descriptions and star ratings are there to guide you in choosing the most relevant articles.

Ticket Creation and Management

Initiating a Support Ticket

In instances where articles don't provide a solution, it's time to open a ticket. Start by selecting the nature of your request and, if applicable, narrow it down with subcategories. Fill in any forms or answer specific questions that pop up to give a clear picture of your issue.

Enhancing Your Ticket with Details

Be thorough in detailing your problem. Add attachments or screenshots, which can be easily attached by dragging and dropping or using the screen capture function (Ctrl-V or Command-V for Apple products). These visuals provide essential context and clarity for those assisting you.

Ticket Tracking and Management

Summary and History of Your Ticket

Once you create a ticket, you'll be redirected to the home page where a confirmation message and a link to your ticket will be displayed. The Summary tab in your ticket shows all the details and a comprehensive history - a record of every action taken. Add your comments in the "Note" box, which will become a permanent part of the ticket's history.

Searching and Reporting on Tickets

Finding your tickets is straightforward. For recent, open tickets, start from the home page. For older or closed tickets, use the ticket number search or the 'Search Tickets by Issue' feature for more detailed searches. Additionally, the "My Open & Closed Tickets Report" under Tickets navigation provides a report of all your tickets, both open and closed, within a selected date range, with an option to print selected tickets.
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