Help Desk/ITSM Self-Service Portal

Learn how your customers can log into Giva, search for answers using knowledge articles, & open up tickets


The Giva Customer Self-Service Portal gives you have round-the-clock access to a wealth of help resources. This portal is designed to empower you with information and tools to resolve your issues efficiently. Whether you're browsing knowledge articles for solutions or creating a support ticket, the portal streamlines your experience for maximum effectiveness.

Utilizing Knowledge Resources

Exploring Knowledge FAQ and Articles

Start on the home page with the Knowledge FAQ section. These are tailored answers created by your organization to address common problems. By clicking on the links, you can access detailed articles like the one on using a self-service password reset tool. Each article is designed to be clear and informative, often including screenshots and formatted information to enhance understanding.

Interactive Feedback on Articles

After viewing an article, you have the option to provide feedback. Indicating whether an article has been helpful and rating it helps your organization maintain and improve these resources, ensuring their relevance and usefulness.

Finding Solutions and Advanced Searches

Most Frequently Used Solutions

The "Most Frequently Used Solutions" section is a compilation of articles that have been instrumental in solving problems for others in your organization, making it a valuable resource for common issues.

Advanced Article Search

For a more tailored search experience, use the search bar similar to Google or other search websites. Advanced search options allow you to narrow down by category or browse articles by category, making it easier to find the most relevant solutions. Use descriptions and star ratings as guides to select the best articles for your needs.

Creating and Managing Tickets

Opening a New Ticket

If your issue remains unresolved, it's time to open a ticket. Click "Create New Ticket" and begin by selecting the nature of your request. Carefully choose subcategories to define your problem accurately. Pay attention to any forms or issue-specific questions that may appear, as these provide crucial details to the support team.

Adding Details and Attachments

Describe your issue in the Subject field and consider adding attachments or screenshots for a clearer description. These visuals significantly aid in documenting and communicating your problem. Attaching files is simple – just drag and drop, or use our intuitive screen capture function for screenshots.

Ticket Management and Tracking

Viewing and Updating Tickets

Once you create a ticket, you'll receive a confirmation with a link for easy access. The ticket's Summary tab shows all the details and a comprehensive history – a diary of actions taken on your ticket. You can't edit history entries, but you can add your comments in the "Note" box, creating a permanent record and alerting support staff of any updates.

Searching for Tickets

Finding your tickets is straightforward. For recent, open tickets, the home page is your best bet. For older or closed tickets, use the search box or the 'Search Tickets by Issue' feature under the Tickets navigation. You can conduct keyword searches or more complex queries to pinpoint specific tickets.

Comprehensive Ticket Reports

Lastly, the "My Open & Closed Tickets Report" under Tickets navigation offers a detailed view of your open and closed tickets over a customizable date range. You can even print selected tickets directly from this report.
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