Customer Service Dashboard

Learn how the home page dashboard works, how to add and remove widgets, and how to use the charts and grid reports


Designed to provide actionable insights, this dashboard is your gateway to reducing call volume and enhancing customer satisfaction. With its colorful cards of charts and graphs, the dashboard offers an intuitive, graphical, and real-time view of current issues. This visual clarity ensures that your team stays focused on their priorities, while supervisors and leaders gain a comprehensive overview of the organization, aiding in more informed decision-making. The ability to quickly identify and address the most pressing issues is a key feature of Giva's dashboard.

Dashboard Layout and Customization

Getting Started with Default Settings

Giva's dashboard is designed for immediate use, with a default layout that requires no setup or administration. This user-friendly interface consists of small cards or widgets, sourced from a library of pre-configured options.

Personalizing Your Dashboard

Personalization is at your fingertips. You can rearrange the cards on your dashboard and resize them to suit your preferences. This flexibility allows you to tailor the dashboard to your unique workflow and needs.

Widgets Enhance Dashboard Functionality

Adding and Removing Widgets

Customizing your dashboard is a breeze with the Add/Edit Widget feature. Clicking this button reveals all available widgets. Those currently displayed on your dashboard are conveniently marked. Simply check a box to add a widget or uncheck to remove it, and don't forget to save your changes.

Widget Variety and Interaction

Giva offers a diverse range of widgets to cater to different needs. Hover over a selection for a preview and understand its utility. After adding widgets, you can interact with them for deeper insights. Mouse over any chart for detailed information, utilize color coding for prioritization, and click on charts for an in-depth analysis of the underlying data.

Advanced Features of Dashboard Widgets

Interacting with Charts

Beyond viewing, Giva's dashboard allows for various interactions with the charts. You have the flexibility to export data to images, spreadsheets, and even print them. If needed, you can also remove widgets from the dashboard with ease.

Comprehensive Ticket Grids

The ticket grids feature brings additional functionality. Customize your view by moving columns, selecting which columns to display, and exporting data to clipboard, spreadsheet, or print formats. Choose from a variety of ticket grid reports to suit your specific data analysis needs.
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