Duplicate or Copy a Ticket

Learn how to create a copy of a ticket for a different customer, and how to copy the contents of a ticket to the clipboard


In Giva, duplicating or copying a ticket is a convenient feature that allows you to create an exact copy of a ticket for a different customer or to copy a ticket’s contents for use in other applications.

Duplicating a Ticket for a Different Customer

Accessing the Duplicate Ticket Feature

  1. Locating the Option: To start duplicating a ticket, find the "Actions" section located on the lower right side of the ticket you are viewing.
  2. Using Duplicate Ticket: Click on the "Duplicate Ticket" link. This action initiates the process of creating a copy of the ticket.

Creating the New Ticket Copy

  1. Searching for a New Customer: After clicking "Duplicate Ticket," you will need to search for the customer for whom the new ticket is intended.
  2. Selecting the Customer: Click on the desired person's name. This action will create and display a new ticket copy, which is an exact duplicate of the original ticket but for the new customer.

Copying a Ticket's Contents to Clipboard

  1. Accessing Copy Option: In the same "Actions" section, find and click the "Copy ticket to clipboard" option.
  2. Using the Copied Information: Once clicked, the information from the ticket is copied to your clipboard. You can then paste this information into an email, a document, or any other relevant application.
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