Entering Time in a Ticket

Learn how to track time worked on a ticket


Giva's ticketing system includes a feature for tracking time worked on a ticket. This is essential for maintaining accurate records of the effort and time spent on resolving issues. Whether you are creating a new ticket or viewing an existing one, entering time worked is a straightforward process.

Entering Time Worked on a Ticket

  1. Locating the Entry Box: When you're creating or viewing a ticket, look for the "Time Worked" entry box located after the "Actions" section on the lower right side of the ticket interface.
  2. Understanding the Correct Formats: To ensure accurate entry, mouse over the information icon near the "Time Worked" box. This will display the correct formats for entering time.
  3. Recording Time: Enter the amount of time you've worked on the ticket in the specified format.
  4. Saving the Entry: After entering the time, click "Save" to save your entry. This action will record the time worked as part of the ticket's information.

Viewing and Editing Time Worked Entries

  1. Accessing Past Entries: To view or edit previously entered time, go back to the "Actions" section and click the "View time worked" link. This opens a window where you can see all time entries made on the ticket.
  2. Editing or Deleting Entries: Within this window, you can modify or delete any time-worked entries. This is useful for correcting errors or updating the time spent on a ticket.
  3. Immediate Save Feature: After making changes, click "Save" within this window. This instantly updates the information, so it’s not necessary to click Save again on the main ticket page.
  4. Confirming Changes: To confirm your changes have been saved, you can click the “View time worked” link again to review the updated entries.
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