Find Knowledge Articles

Learn how to search for knowledge articles

Using the Dashboard for Knowledge Search

Starting the Search from the Dashboard

  1. Navigating to Find Knowledge: On your home page dashboard, click "Find Knowledge". This is your primary tool for initiating a search within the knowledge base.
  2. Entering Search Criteria: Type in relevant keywords or the specific knowledge article number, then press Enter. To refine your search to an exact phrase, use quotes around the keywords.

Handling Search Results

  • Selecting an Article: If the search yields a list of articles, click on the name of the article you wish to view.
  • Exploring Categories: Click on a category name to view all knowledge articles within that particular category.

Performing Knowledge Searches from Any Page

  • Accessing from Top Navigation: You can conduct a similar search from any page in Giva. Select "Knowledge" in the upper right corner, enter your keywords or article number, and press Enter.
  • Using Search Knowledge Option: Alternatively, mouse over "Knowledge" in the top navigation and choose "Search Knowledge". This leads to a page where you can perform more complex searches or list articles by category.

Exploring FAQ & Most Frequently Used Articles

Under "Knowledge" in the top navigation, select "FAQ & Most Frequently Used". This option allows you to access articles that are often referenced or categorized as frequently asked questions. It's an efficient way to find popular and essential information quickly.
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