Find Quick Resolutions

Learn how to use the solutions to previously-resolved tickets for current tickets


Giva's "Find Quick Resolution" function is a powerful tool that helps you quickly find solutions from previously resolved tickets. This feature enables you to effectively troubleshoot and resolve current issues by leveraging the knowledge and experiences of your team.

Accessing Quick Resolution for a Ticket

  1. Selecting Nature of Request: When creating or viewing a ticket, the first step is to select the "Nature of Request". This helps in filtering the resolutions relevant to the specific issue.
  2. Navigating to Quick Resolution: In the "Actions" section on the lower right of the ticket interface, click the "Find quick resolution" link. This action triggers the search for resolutions.

Reviewing and Utilizing Past Resolutions

Sorting and Reading Resolutions

  • Reviewing Closed Tickets: The tickets that appear are the most recently closed ones with the same "Nature of Request". The latest tickets are displayed at the top, but you can sort the list by clicking on any column name.
  • Finding a Match: Read through the descriptions and resolutions of these past tickets to identify a solution that matches the current problem.

Implementing a Resolution

  • Copying Resolutions: If you find a suitable resolution, you can use the "Copy" link to transfer this resolution into the current ticket. This feature streamlines the process of applying proven solutions.
  • Closing the Ticket: Once a resolution from a previous ticket is implemented and entered into the current ticket, it's typically ready to be closed.

Notes on Feature Availability and Settings

It's important to note that the visibility of the resolution field and the "Find Quick Resolution" link are optional settings in Giva. Their availability might vary depending on your organization's configuration.
If you do not see these options in your ticket interface and believe they would be beneficial, consider reaching out to your Giva administrator for assistance.
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