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Learn how to find help information, contact Giva Support, and view your Giva Support tickets


Giva provides a comprehensive support system to assist you with any queries or issues you may encounter while using the software. Whether you need guidance on using a feature or have a technical question, Giva's "Get Help" section is designed to offer the necessary resources and support.

Navigating the "Get Help" Section

Accessing Support Resources

To access help resources, move your cursor over your name in the upper right corner of any page and select "Get Help". This is your gateway to a range of support options and informational resources.

Exploring Additional Tabs

  • Videos & Training: Note the availability of videos and training materials under this tab, which can be valuable for learning new features or refreshing your knowledge.
  • Integration Information: The integration tab offers insights and guidance on integrating Giva with other systems or tools.

Using the "Get Help" and "Other Information" Sections

  • Browsing "Get Help": Under the "Get Help" section, you will find various resources and information to assist with your inquiries.
  • Exploring "Other Information": Additionally, the "Other Information" section provides supplementary support materials and documentation.

Managing and Viewing Support Tickets

  • Searching Past Tickets: You have the option to search for previously created Giva Support tickets, which can be useful for reviewing past inquiries or solutions.
  • Viewing Reports: Access reports related to your Giva Support tickets for a comprehensive understanding of your support interactions.
  • Open Ticket List: Any Giva Support tickets that you currently have open will be listed at the bottom of the page for easy tracking.

Creating a Giva Support Ticket

  • Starting a New Ticket: Click on "Create Giva Support Ticket" to begin the process of submitting a new support request.
  • Filling in Required Fields: Complete the required fields in the ticket entry form. This typically includes details about the issue, any relevant categories or tags, and your contact information.
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