Getting Started with Help Desk/ITSM

Quick reference guide, Customer Self-Service Portal & creating a ticket

Getting Acquainted with Giva

It's really easy to get started. You're currently watching the "Getting Started" video, which is the perfect first step. To further enhance your understanding, don't forget to check out the Administration video. It's designed to help you learn how to tweak the default settings of your trial account to better suit your needs.

Learning Through Videos

As part of your learning journey, we've compiled a comprehensive library of video tutorials. There are over 30 concise videos, each under a minute and a half, allowing you to grasp the essentials of Giva in no time. You can easily access these videos by mousing over your name at the top right corner of the screen.

Essential Resources and Guides

Quick Start Guide

To get a head start, be sure to download and keep the Quick Start Guide handy. This guide is a valuable resource, offering quick tips and essential information at your fingertips.

Customizing Your Account

When it comes to tailoring Giva for your specific requirements, the Administration section is your go-to destination. Here, you can adjust and review settings to ensure that Giva works just the way you need it to.

Utilizing Giva Tools and Features

Mobile Application

Giva's versatility extends to your mobile devices as well. With our mobile application, you can stay connected and productive, even on the go. The best part? There's no separate app to download. Simply use your existing login credentials to access Giva on your smartphone or tablet.

Self-Service Portal

Then there's the Customer Self-Service portal, a hub where your customers and employees can independently create and manage their tickets. This portal not only boosts efficiency but also provides access to a wealth of information, including a comprehensive knowledge base and FAQs.

Creating and Managing Tickets

Ticket Creation Made Easy

Diving right into action, your trial account is set up with common default settings, allowing you to create a ticket immediately. This process is intuitive — just a few clicks and you're there. From choosing the ticket category, adding descriptions, to selecting severity levels and statuses, every step is streamlined. You can assign tickets to the relevant personnel, add notes, and rest assured that your private notes remain confidential.

Getting Help and More

If you ever find yourself needing a bit of help or more information, just click on your name in the upper right corner and select the Get Help link. This is your gateway to Giva Support, where you can create a support ticket, access additional video tutorials, the Quick Start Guide, FAQs, keyboard shortcuts, and even release notes.
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