Multiple Service Desks

Learn how you can benefit from using multiple service desks for different organizations in your company


Giva Service Desks are separate instances tailored for different departments like IT, Customer Service, Facilities, HR, Marketing, etc. They're ideal for segregating data across diverse functions. Utilizing multiple desks allows information isolation for departments with distinct operational needs.

Service Desk Customization and Independence

  • Unique Configuration: Each Service Desk features its own setup, including service groups, severity levels, statuses, categories, and business rules.
  • User Access and Roles: Access to each Service Desk is controlled via specific roles in user profiles. Users can be part of multiple desks without incurring extra costs, with varied roles in each.
  • Module Customization: Service Desks can be customized with different modules. For instance, IT may need ticketing, knowledgebase, change management, and asset management, while HR might only require ticketing.

Case Examples of Service Desk Customization

  • IT Service Desk Example: Showcasing an IT desk with IT-specific requests, severity levels for internal support, and specialized service groups.
  • Customer Service Desk Example: Illustrating a customer-focused desk with ticketing tailored for external customer interactions regarding products and services.

Reporting and Analytics Across Service Desks

  • Module-Specific Reports: Each Service Desk offers a suite of reports for modules, generating detailed metrics and KPIs.
  • Cross-Service Desk Reporting: Aggregated reporting capabilities enable holistic insights across all Service Desks, simplifying the analysis process.
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