Help Desk/ITSM Natures of Request

Learn how to enter natures of request, which are categories of tickets


Natures of Request establishing effective ticket classifications. These classifications are necessary for developing workflow, business rules, and generating detailed reports, KPIs, and metrics.


Before configuring, ensure that Service Groups are established first, as each Nature of Request must be linked to a specific Service Group.
Also, it is important to map out your plan for the Natures of Request that are appropriate for any Service Desk. Natures of Request or heirarchical, and while it's possible to create numerous subclassifications for each nature of request, consider the balance between detailed reporting and the ease of ticket creation for agents.

Disabling vs. Deleting Classifications

  • Disabling Unused Classifications: If certain Natures of Request become obsolete, they can be disabled. This removes them from the active menu but retains their presence in existing tickets and reports.
  • Deletion Criteria: Natures of Request without any linked data can be completely deleted. However, those with data can only be disabled to preserve historical integrity.

Setting Up New Natures of Request

  • Creating Classifications: Input the name of the new nature of request. Multiple names can be entered, separated by commas.
  • Service Group Assignment: For natures of request without subclassifications, directly assign a Service Group. Skip this step if planning to add subclassifications.

Adding Subclassifications

  • Initial Subclassifications: Input subclassification names and select the appropriate Service Group. Then, add these to the main Nature of Request.
  • Nested Subclassifications: Follow a similar process for adding subclassifications to existing subclassifications.
Once configured, review the Natures of Request when creating a ticket.
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