Introduction to Giva's Change Management Reports

Real-time reporting keep projects on track and facilitate status reviews


Giva's Change Management Reports offer a dynamic and visually engaging way to analyze and understand data important for enhancing decision-making processes in organizations. They use colorful, high-contrast charts and graphs, making it simpler to grasp the interrelations among various data points.

User-Friendly Reporting

Giva's reporting system does not require a "report guru" to navigate or understand, making it accessible to a wide range of users within an organization. With Giva, generating reports is a straightforward process that yields fast and valuable insights into team productivity, responsiveness, and customer satisfaction. This ease of use facilitates faster and higher-quality decision-making across teams.

Key Performance Indicators and Analytics

The reports provided by Giva focus on delivering critical metrics, business analytics, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These tools are instrumental for leaders seeking to identify and address emerging issues, trends, and patterns within their operations. By analyzing these reports, systemic changes can be implemented more effectively, leading to improved change management outcomes.

Report Generation and Customization

Accessing reports in Giva is seamless from any page through the Reports section. The system categorizes reports by module, simplifying the search for the appropriate report. Giva also allows users to customize reports extensively, enabling the building of reports that reflect specific needs or objectives. Users can select from various fields to generate a report that offers the exact insights needed.

Saving and Sharing Reports

Giva enables users to save and share their customized reports effortlessly. After customizing a report, it can be saved under a new name and description, making it easily retrievable for future reference. Additionally, these reports can be scheduled to be emailed regularly, ensuring that all relevant team members stay informed of the latest data.

Exporting and Utilizing Data

One of Giva's strengths is its capability to quickly export data into CSV or PDF formats, allowing for easy distribution and analysis outside the Giva platform. This flexibility ensures that data can be shared with stakeholders in a format that best suits their needs, further enhancing the utility of Giva's reporting features.
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