Run Change Management Reports

Learn how to use Giva's reporting system


Giva's Change Management Reports offer detailed insights into various aspects of change management, allowing teams to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions.

Accessing Reports

To begin, navigate to the Reports section located in the top navigation bar of the Giva platform. Here, you will find a comprehensive list of reports categorized under different modules that are active for your company. You can also use the filter options on the right side to narrow your search for specific reports. Selecting a report name will take you to the detailed report page.

Customizing Reports

Once you have chosen a report, you can customize the results to meet your specific needs using various filters. Ensure the checkbox next to a filter is checked to activate it, then choose the specific items you wish to include in your report. Holding the Control key (Ctrl) on your keyboard allows you to select multiple items. Keep in mind that selecting filter items narrows down the results, so it's best to leave them unselected if you wish to view all data associated with a filter item.

Viewing and Sorting Results

After setting your report criteria, click "View Report" to generate the results. You have the option to sort the report by clicking on any column heading. Additionally, some reports feature aggregate results with clickable links, allowing you to drill down into the underlying data for more detailed analysis.

Downloading and Emailing Reports

The Actions section provides options for downloading reports in CSV or PDF formats and emailing a PDF of the report. It's important to note that you can choose to download or email the report immediately after setting your filter criteria, without needing to view the report first.

Saving and Sharing Reports

Giva allows you to save, name, and share your customized reports. By selecting "Save Report As" under Actions, you can give your report a unique name and share it with colleagues. The "Save and Add Schedule" option lets you not only save and name your report but also schedule it to be emailed regularly.

Scheduling Reports

Scheduling a report for automated emailing is straightforward. Choose the report format, add recipient names, and specify the delivery schedule.

Managing Favorites

For quick access to frequently used reports, Giva enables you to mark reports as Favorites. You can add a report to your Favorites by clicking the star icon next to the report name. To remove a report from Favorites, either click the X next to it in the drop-down list or uncheck the star next to its name.
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