Run Customer Service Reports

Learn how to use Giva's reporting system

Navigating to Report Listings

In Giva's interface, effortlessly access reports by hovering over the "Reports" in the top navigation and selecting from the report listing pages. Explore the variety of reports available under different tabs, each corresponding to the modules enabled for your company.

Utilizing Filters for Customized Reports

Efficiently find specific reports using the handy filters on the right-hand side of the interface.

Customizing Your Report

Selecting a Report

Click on any report name to start customizing it to your needs.

Applying Filters for Tailored Results

Activate filters by checking their respective checkboxes. Select specific items within a filter for a more focused report. Remember, selecting more items narrows down the results. For comprehensive data on a filter item, avoid selecting specific items unless necessary.

Viewing and Sorting Report Results

Once your report criteria are set, click "View Report" to generate results. In the report view, sort the data by clicking on any column heading. Need to edit an item? Simply click its number.

Accessing Detailed Data

For reports with aggregate results, click on the linked aggregate values to drill down into the underlying data.

Managing Reports

Downloading and Emailing Reports

Under the Actions section, conveniently download reports as CSV or PDF files. You can also email a PDF of the results. Note that downloading or emailing does not require viewing the report first. However, the output will reflect the current filter settings, so be sure to review them.

Saving and Sharing Reports

Save and share your customized reports easily. "Save Report As" lets you name and store reports for future access. "Save and Add Schedule" allows you to not only save a report but also schedule it for regular email dispatches.

Editing Saved Reports

After saving a report, you can run it anytime, rename it, save any new filter changes, manage sharing settings, schedule or unschedule email dispatches, or delete the report entirely.

Scheduling Reports

Schedule your reports to be automatically emailed at regular intervals. Choose the format, recipients, and the specific timing of the dispatch, down to the day of the week and time.

Personalizing Your Experience

Marking Favorites

Easily mark reports as Favorites for quick access. These will appear in the "Favorites" tab and under their respective modules. To remove a report from Favorites, simply click the X next to it or uncheck the star.
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