Scheduled Tasks

Learn how to set up tasks to be performed on a recurring schedule


Scheduled Tasks allow you to automate the creation of tickets on a recurring basis for routine activities like maintenance, reminders, or onboarding processes.

Managing Scheduled Tasks

  • Task Overview: The administration page lists all tasks, showing key details such as names, action, dates, frequency, and status.
  • List Navigation: Sort tasks by column headers, refresh the list, and use the menu for specific operations like pausing, resuming, or deleting tasks.

Creating a New Scheduled Task

  1. Task Initialization: Click "Create scheduled task" and fill in the form. Use "Pause Task" if not ready to start immediately.
  2. Task Identification: Input a clear name and description for easy identification.
  3. Start and Stop Dates: Choose immediate start or set a future date; select an indefinite or specific stop date.
  4. Frequency Configuration: Pick from hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly options, and define specific scheduling details.
  5. Ticket Creator Selection: Choose a specific individual or leave blank for a default Giva system user.
  6. Dynamic Text Insertion: Use dynamic text for customizing tickets with real-time values (e.g., customer name, ticket number).
  7. Customer Notification Control: Decide if and how customers receive notifications upon ticket creation.
  8. Asset Linking: Attach relevant assets to the ticket for tasks like maintenance or equipment checks.

Task Execution and Management

  • Task Status and Execution: Upon saving, tasks are listed with a "Ready" status for scheduled execution. Tasks can be paused or resumed as needed.
  • Task Logs and Editing: Access logs for a detailed history of task executions. Edit tasks by clicking on their names.
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