Service Desk Open/Close Hours

Learn how to set the scheduled hours for a service desk, which affect Service Level Agreement calculations, etc.


The purpose of Service Desk Hours is to define the active times for business operations and support coverage. These are important because Service Level Agreements (SLAs) will be influenced by these hours, starting and stopping accordingly.

Establishing the Service Desk Time Zone

Choosing the time zone, usually set based on the physical location of the majority of the team. SLA timings will adhere to the chosen time zone.

Determining Open and Close Hours

Specify the times when the Service Desk starts and ends operations each day. SLA timings synchronize with these operational hours, except for critical issues.

Configuring Service Level Agreements

  • SLA Clock Management: SLAs will pause outside of business hours, unless configured for continuous 24-hour monitoring.
  • Critical Issue Consideration: Option to override normal hours for urgent matters.
  • Holiday Schedule Input: Add recognized holidays to ensure the SLA clock is paused on these days. SLA timings will not count these as operational days.
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