Customer Services Service Groups

Learn about service groups and Service Level Agreement breach escalations


Service Groups are departments within your organization responsible for distinct support aspects. A pre-set group which can be renamed to fit roles like "Help Desk", "Service Desk", or "Customer Service". Use this default group as the main service group for ticket creation and initial customer contact.

Deleting or Disabling Service Groups

  • Deletion Criteria: Service groups without associated data can be deleted; others can only be disabled.
  • Visibility in Historical Data: Disabled groups remain visible in existing tickets and reports.

Editing Service Group Details

  • Service Group Customization: Option to change the service group’s name and assign a manager.
  • Manager's Role in Customer Surveys: The designated manager becomes a point of contact in default customer satisfaction surveys.

Setting SLA Breach Notifications

  • Notification Path Configuration: Set a series of SLA breach notifications for each Severity Level within the group.
  • Notification Sequence and Frequency: Configurable notification order and intervals for ongoing alerts.
  • Customizing Severity Levels and SLAs: Access Severity Levels & SLAs to adjust notification frequencies.
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