Set Personal Preferences

Learn how to set your own personal preferences


To tailor your Giva experience to your specific needs, setting up your personal preferences is key. This customization ensures that Giva functions in a way that best suits your working style and requirements.

Navigating to Personal Preferences

Hover over your name in the upper right corner of any Giva page and select "Personal Preferences". This section is dedicated to personalizing your interaction with the Giva system.

Vacation/Out of Office Settings

  • Activating Out of Office: The Vacation/Out of Office option is crucial for indicating your absence. When enabled, it prevents SLA breach notifications from being sent to you during your absence.
  • Visibility to Colleagues: Additionally, an "OUT" label will appear next to your name in the ticket assignee menu. This label informs your colleagues not to assign tickets to you during this period.

SLA Breach Notifications Preferences

Customizing Notification Settings

In the SLA Breach Notifications section, you can customize how you receive these important alerts. Depending on the global settings and Administrator configurations, you can choose how SLA notifications for each severity level are sent to you.

Mobile Email Notifications

It's recommended to select "Mobile Email" only if your mobile email address differs from your main Giva profile email, or if you are part of a team sharing a smartphone for after-hours or on-call duties.

Dispatch Roles Configuration

  • Becoming a Service Group Dispatcher: The Dispatch Roles section allows you to set yourself as a dispatcher for specific service groups. As a dispatcher, you’ll receive email notifications when new tickets are opened and unassigned, but linked to the service group you oversee.
  • Team Collaboration on Dispatch Role: Multiple dispatchers can be assigned to a service group, and some teams may rotate this responsibility to ensure prompt attention to all unassigned tickets.

Date and Time Format Preferences

You also have the option to set your preferred date and time formats. This personalization helps in aligning Giva's display with your regional or personal preferences.

Saving Your Preferences

After setting your preferences, click "Save" to apply and save these changes. This action ensures that your personal settings are updated in the Giva system.
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