Severity Levels

Learn about severity levels and setting up Service Level Agreements


Severity Levels are urgency ratings assigned to a ticket and are a mandatory field in ticketing. Common configurations include at least three levels like "High, Medium, Low" or "Business Halted, Business Impacted, Non-Critical".

Managing Severity Levels

  • Disabling Severity Levels: Option to disable if no longer needed, removing them from the creation/editing menu.
  • Deletion Criteria: Levels without tied data can be deleted, others only disabled.
  • Visibility in Existing Data: Disabled levels remain visible in past tickets and reports.
  • Default Selection: Ability to set a particular severity level as the default when creating tickets.

Editing Severity Levels

Customization of Individual Severities

  • Editing Process: Click on a severity level to edit its specifics.
  • Severity Number and Description: Assign a number or letter and provide brief and detailed descriptions.
  • Highlighting Important Levels: Option to visually distinguish critical severity levels.

Configuring Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

  • SLA Necessity: Decide if SLAs are required for each severity level.
  • Automatic vs. Manual SLAs: Choose between automatic SLA setting upon severity level selection or manual setting by agents.
  • Response and Resolve Time: Set target times for responding and resolving based on the severity level.
  • Service Desk Hours vs. 24-Hour Clock: Choose between business hours or continuous time for SLA calculations.

Setting Recurring Escalation Breach Notifications

  • Function of Escalation Notifications: Email alerts for overdue ticket responses or resolutions.
  • Configuration Details: Set intervals and recipients for ongoing breach notifications.

Finalizing Severity Level Settings

  • Review Individual Options: Go through each severity level's specific options.
  • Saving Changes: Confirm and save all adjustments made to the severity levels.
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