Temporary Ticket Notes

Learn how to add temporary notes to a ticket, which are not saved in the ticket history


Temporary Ticket Notes in Giva offer a secure and efficient way to handle sensitive information within tickets. These notes are designed for temporary use and do not get tracked in the ticket's history, making them ideal for storing transient or sensitive data.

Creating and Editing Temporary Notes in Tickets

  • Initiating a Temporary Note: To add a temporary note while creating or editing a ticket, click "Add New Temporary Note". A brief description of this feature will be displayed when you mouse over it.
  • Entering Note Information: Upon clicking, a new field will appear where you can input the temporary note.
  • Editing Existing Notes: If a note already exists in this field, double-click it to make changes. This flexibility allows for easy updates as the ticket progresses.

Deleting and Saving Temporary Ticket Notes

  • Removing Notes: To delete a temporary note, simply click the trash can icon next to the note field.
  • Saving Changes: Remember, any changes made to the temporary note, including its addition or removal, will only be saved once the entire ticket itself has been saved.

Administrative Control Over Temporary Notes

Enabling or Disabling the Feature

  • Accessing Administration Settings: Giva administrators can control the availability of this feature. Navigate to the "Ticket Business Rules & Workflow" administration page.
  • Setting Preferences: Next to the "Allow Temporary Notes" option, check or uncheck the checkbox to enable or disable this feature based on your organization's needs.

Configuring Automatic Deletion Options

Administrators can also decide how temporary notes should be handled after ticket closure. Options include:
  • Automatic deletion after a set time post-ticket closure.
  • Opting not to have them automatically deleted, allowing for manual deletion as needed.
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