Ticket Auto-Close Rules

Learn how to configure rules to auto-close tickets based on certain criteria


The auto-close tickets feature in Giva is designed to streamline ticket management by automatically closing tickets after a set period of inactivity. This function is particularly useful in scenarios where agents have completed their tasks and are awaiting customer confirmation.

Setting Up Custom Statuses for Auto-Close

  • Creating Unique Statuses: Before activating auto-close rules, it's advisable to set up unique statuses like "Awaiting Customer Response" or "Work Completed" for open tickets, and a status like "Auto-Closed by Rules" for closed tickets.
  • Hiding Statuses: To prevent accidental usage by agents, check the "Hide Status" checkbox for these new statuses during the creation or editing of tickets.

Configuring Auto-Close Rules

Establishing Time Periods and Conditions

  • Defining Time Periods: In the Rules section, specify the number of days to wait before auto-closing a ticket if no updates are received from customers or agents.
  • Considering Customer Response Time: Ensure the time frame set is reasonable for customers to respond, keeping in mind that the count is based on calendar days.

Handling Customer and Agent Interactions

  • Customer Updates: If a customer updates a ticket via email or the Self-Service Portal within the set time period, apply a pre-configured status to these tickets and have agents review them.
  • Agent Updates and Clock Reset: When an agent updates a ticket, the auto-close clock resets, but the status remains unchanged. This reset allows customers additional time to review any new information.

Setting Additional Rules and Workflow Operations

  • Action Settings: In the Actions section, configure additional rules that will be executed when a ticket is auto-closed.
  • Status Upon Auto-Close: Choose a status to be applied when a ticket is automatically closed.
  • Configuring Field Values: Set other field values to be applied if they are not already set in the ticket. Unique values are recommended for clarity in reporting.
  • Notifying Customers: Consider adding a public note to the ticket to inform the customer about the auto-closure. Utilize dynamic text for personalization.

Saving the Configuration

Once all settings and configurations are complete, click "Save" to apply your changes.
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