Tsunami Tickets

Tickets that are linked and function together, usually during emergency events


Giva's "Tsunami Tickets" feature is an innovative solution designed to manage multiple tickets linked to a single event, often used during emergencies or major outages. This feature allows agents to concurrently update all linked tickets, ensuring efficient communication and resolution during high-pressure situations.

Setting Up a Marquee Message

  • Creating a Marquee Message: In the event of an emergency, consider adding a Marquee Message. This message is displayed as a scrolling ticker tape along the top of the page and is visible to both Agents and Customers using the Self-Service Portal.
  • Steps to Add a Message: To create a Marquee Message, mouse over "Alerts" in the upper right and select "Marquee". Click "Add New Message", choose the Service Groups to notify, optionally include Self-Service portal customers, draft your message, set an expiration date, and adjust the required options. Click "Save" to activate the message.

Creating the First Tsunami Ticket

  • Converting a Ticket to Tsunami: To start a Tsunami event, go to the "Actions" section of a new or current ticket and check "Convert into a New Tsunami Event". Optionally, keep "Send Tsunami Notification" checked to email the ticket details to a predefined group.
  • Finalizing the Ticket: Click "Create" to establish the first ticket of the Tsunami event.

Adding Tickets to a Tsunami Event

  • Linking New Tickets: For subsequent tickets related to the Tsunami event, click "Add to Tsunami" in the red bar at the top. Confirm the action, and the ticket will be added to the Tsunami event.
  • Adding Existing Tickets: Any existing ticket can be added to a Tsunami event. Under "Actions", select "Add to existing Tsunami: and choose the appropriate event or enter a ticket number. Remember to save your changes.

Monitoring Tsunami Tickets

  • Navigating Tsunami Alerts: A warning link in the top navigation and a warning bar on the home page dashboard will indicate an open Tsunami event. Click these to view the list of Tsunami tickets.
  • Viewing Linked Tickets: When accessing one of the linked tickets, the "Tsunami" tab shows all the tickets associated with the Tsunami event.

Replicating Changes Across Linked Tickets

Changes made in one ticket, such as severity level adjustments or adding notes, will replicate across all other linked tickets. This feature streamlines communication with customers affected by the event.

Closing Tsunami Tickets

  • Finalizing the Event: Once the emergency issue is resolved, change the status of any linked ticket to "Closed", confirm the closure, and all linked tickets will be closed simultaneously.
  • Disappearance of Tsunami Alerts: Following the closure of all Tsunami tickets, the warning link and bar will no longer be displayed.

Analyzing Tsunami Events

The "Tsunami Tickets & Major Outages Report" offers valuable metrics to assess the impact of Tsunami events. This data is crucial for identifying systemic issues and reducing future occurrences.
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