Using Ticket Macros

Learn how to use ticket macros, which are preconfigurations that can be applied to tickets to quickly make multiple changes in one step


Ticket Macros in Giva are powerful tools designed to expedite the creation and editing of tickets for frequently encountered issues. They are particularly useful for handling routine queries like password resets, order status inquiries, and various "how to" questions.

Using Macros for Common Tasks

  • Starting with Macros: Macros can serve as a foundation for new tickets. As the interaction with a customer progresses, agents can easily add more information on-the-fly.
  • Password Reset Macro: For instance, the password reset macro can be applied to a new ticket or one that's already opened, streamlining the process.
  • Macro for Closing Tickets: Another useful macro is for closing tickets while simultaneously updating several other fields. This is helpful for standardizing responses and automating repetitive ticket tasks.
  • Thank You Macro: There's also a macro for thanking customers for product feature requests, demonstrating the versatility of macros in enhancing customer interactions.

Streamlining Ticket Management

Macros are used to apply changes or populate default information in a ticket, enabling agents to work more efficiently and quickly.

How to Use Giva Macros

  • Accessing Macros: On the bottom left of any ticket, click the "Ticket Macro" button. You can navigate the menu using your mouse or keyboard.
  • Navigating Categories: The first column includes "Most Recently Used" macros and a list of Macro Categories. This feature is particularly helpful for quickly finding the right macro, especially in organizations with a large collection of macros.
  • Previewing Macros: Upon selecting a macro, preview it in the right-hand column. This preview shows the ticket fields and text areas that will be modified.
  • Dynamic Personalization: Look for dynamically set text and values, highlighted in blue, such as references to a customer's name, ticket number, or Agent name.

Applying and Finalizing Macros

  • Applying the Macro: To use a macro, click "Apply Macro", double-click the macro name, or press Enter. Changed fields will display a thunderbolt macro-update icon.
  • Flexibility in Editing: After applying a macro, all fields in the ticket can still be modified, allowing for additional customization.
  • Finalizing the Ticket: When your ticket is ready, click "Create" or "Save" to finalize the changes.
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