View or Edit Open Tickets

Learn how to find tickets that are currently open

Using Dashboard Widgets

  • Locating Tickets via Widgets: Open tickets can be accessed directly from your home page dashboard. Look for widgets configured to display open tickets.
  • Viewing Ticket List: Click on the relevant widget. This action will bring up a list of all open tickets displayed by the widget.
  • Editing a Ticket: To edit a ticket, simply click on the ticket number from this list. This will open the ticket in an editable format, allowing you to make necessary updates.

Using Top Navigation for Ticket Access

  • Finding Tickets through Navigation: Another way to view open tickets is by using the top navigation. From any page, hover over "Tickets" and select the "All Open Tickets" report.
  • Refining the Ticket List: The "All Open Tickets" report includes filters for specifying which tickets are displayed. Adjust these filters to tailor the list to your needs.
  • Sorting Tickets: You can also sort the tickets by clicking on each column header. This feature helps in organizing the tickets based on different criteria like severity, date, or status.

Making Changes to Open Tickets

  • Initiating Ticket Edit: Similar to the widget method, click on a ticket number within the "All Open Tickets" report. This will open the ticket for editing.
  • Updating Ticket Information: Once in the edit mode, you can modify various aspects of the ticket such as the description, status, assigned agent, and more.
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