Working with Natures of Request in Tickets

Learn how to use the nature of request menu using the mouse or keyboard


The Nature of Request field in Giva tickets is an essential tool for categorizing and managing tickets based on their specific type or issue. Understanding how to use this feature effectively can streamline ticket processing and ensure accurate tracking and resolution of issues.

Selecting a Nature of Request

  • Navigating to the Field: When creating or viewing a ticket, you'll find the Nature of Request field. This field is crucial for classifying the ticket according to the issue's nature.
  • Expanding the Menu: Click the double arrows at the end of the Nature of Request menu to view the available options. This menu can cascade into multiple levels, offering a detailed classification system.

Using Mouse or Keyboard for Selection

  • Mouse Selection: Hover over the menu options to explore the various natures of requests. The cascading menu allows for a detailed and specific selection to accurately define the nature of the ticket.
  • Keyboard Navigation: For those who prefer keyboard navigation, use the arrow keys to move through the menu options. You can also type the first letter of a menu item to jump to it quickly. Once you've highlighted the desired nature of request, press the Enter key to make your selection.
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