How to Inspire the Mind of IT Company Leaders

How to Inspire the Mind of IT Company Leaders
Learn how to generate novel solutions and insights to problems which are called strong "light bulb moment"
Our brains are our most valuable assets, so optimizing them is paramount to achieving leadership success. In essence, we want to generate strong "light bulb moments," which are novel solutions and insights.
Learn how to become an outstanding mental athlete by planning "think time," and cultivating/growing ideas by setting up the right environment.
Lack of Insight (LOI) Syndrome and Weak Light Bulb Moments
Our brains can produce ideas that are truly unique and innovative which is valuable in a world run on innovation and change.
Curiosity Time
Leaders must do a lot of strategic thinking. This is a special kind of thinking to solve a problem or capitalize on an opportunity. Curiosity is asking key and relevant questions without making any underlying assumptions or limits.
Learning Time
All leaders need to keep on top of developments in their industry, but avoid practicing learning time during regular working hours because your mind may not be in the right mode to maximize learning and create a strong light bulb moment.

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