4 Organizations Offering Change Management Training

The most stressful times for an organization seem to be during times of change. All stakeholders begin to feel on edge, with employees feeling worried about how the change initiative could affect them personally and customers feeling confused by sudden adjustments. Accordingly, many consulting services offer short offline or online courses and training programs that focus on helping organizations manage change initiatives as quickly and as efficiently as possible. The following is a list of organizations offering online and on-site change management training:

4 Organizations Offering Change Management Training

  1. Managing IT: Organizational Change Management (OCM)

    Kevin Miller, Founder and Principal Consultant of Delta Technology, published this two-hour OCM course on the technology skills platform, Pluralsight. Through the course, Miller aims to help organizations navigate the people aspect of change initiatives. He covers a variety of important topics including employee roles and responsibilities, the phases of transitions and kinds of resistance to change. Additionally, Miller provides participants with a number of useful resources that they may utilize in the change process.

  2. Prosci

    Prosci offers its clients a variety of change management services, including workshops, in-house and online coaching, as well as other customized services. It provides them with the tools, techniques, training and support required for a successful change initiative. Prosci offers a number of different programs including the Change Management Certification Program, the Experienced Practitioner Program and the Train-the-Trainer Program. All three programs are under a week long and organizations can select the one that best suits their current situation. Prosci also offers a range of workshops and boot camps that clients can use to build on prior knowledge.

  3. APMG International

    APMG International provides certifications, solutions and accreditations in a variety of fields including business, cybersecurity, IT and change management. Organizations can invest in their employees by encouraging them to obtain certifications in change management training. Some of the certifications offered include Agile Change Agent, Business Change and Change Management. APMG International's certifications are targeted at change leaders, implementers and anyone involved in planning, managing and executing change initiatives.

  4. Inteq Group

    Inteq is a service provider specializing in business transformations. Its business transformation frameworks have been established as international standards and are leveraged by organizations globally. Inteq offers both online and on-site training in change management. Participants learn new skills, methods and strategies, including how to assess an organization's readiness for change, how to develop a suitable and successful change strategy and how to engage key stakeholders and manage resistance to change.