Strategic IT Help Desk and Customer Service

Here are 2 more thoughts on how to make your help desk or customer service center strategic:

> Establish performance goals. Goal setting is a necessity in any project undertaken to improve help desk performance. At the very lease, the help desk should have performance goals for customer satisfaction, cost per call, call abandonment rate, service-level compliance, first-call resolution rate and cycle time.

> Focus on customer communication. Failure to manage customer expectations may be the most common problem in the industry. Over communicate with users—before, during and after each call—to ensure that their expectations are properly set. Every user should have a copy of the help desk SPL. During any call, make sure users are advised where they stand in prioritization. First-come, first-served queuing can work when there is no backlog of callers, but all users throughout the enterprise should be appraised that the company’s business needs are key to any incident severity ranking system and projected resolution time. Finally, when closing an incident, agents should ask callers for some quick feedback on help desk performance.


Here are some great white papers on the topic: