Senior Executives Should Meet With Customers

If you really want to impress an important customer, send a senior executive to the site when things are not going well. Every company sends executives to close the big deals. Your customers never see senior executives again until it is time for more deal closing. Senior executives as a group are not use to having demanding people talk to them. Everybody around the office treats them with respect and walks on eggshells when around them. They have isolated themselves into a corner office. If you are a senior executive or want to be one, understand that one important measure of your success is in your ability to turnaround situations. If you are a smart executive, hook up with a few top sales people in the company and let them use you as a resource when trouble strikes. Many of your peers will be hiding in their offices. Go out and face the music and take some responsibility for your company. Just simply listen to what your customers tell you. Bring that skillful listening back to your company and work with the appropriate teams to make the necessary changes.  Also, keep the customer informed on the status and what you plan to deliver to make them happy again. If you can turn the situation around, many people will hear about it.  Let your Division President know that you are trying to delight and amaze an important customer that is not very happy with your company. Simply taking initiative and trying to fix things will earn you a lot of credit while your peers shy away from this type of customer engagement. If you actually lead a turnaround success, all the more valuable you will become to your company. When senior executives are trying to figure out who adds the most value to the company your name will be on that list.

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