Whitepaper: Customer Service Best Practices - CCI, SSPA

Customer Service Best Practices Increase Customer Satisfaction & Decrease Costs

This White Paper is a summary of Customer Service Best Practices from the following three authority sources: Customer Care Institute, Purdue University Center for Customer Driven Quality and the Service & Support Professionals Association (SSPA).

To improve, an organization must assess its current practices against those used in other organizations, or "best practices." Simply put, a best practice is the most effective way to get something done. These practices, processes, and procedures have emerged as proven models for the majority of organizations.

Customer service organizations must assess their competencies, find areas for potential improvement, and grow. A list of best practices that can be implemented and used in customer service software serves as the starting point for such an evaluation and improvement process. Use this list to reconsider what you are doing and why, and what you should be doing and when.

Some Customer Service Best Practices covered in the White Paper:

  1. Perform Customer Satisfaction Surveys on a Regular Basis
  2. Implement a Web-Based Knowledge Base Tool
  3. Implement Service Request Automation Processes in your Customer Service Software
  4. Use the Customer Service Software System to Increase Communications With Agents and Customers
  5. Implement a Customer Self-Help Portal Accessible 24 hours/day
  6. Use Real-Time Reports, Dashboards, Metrics and Analytics
  7. Use Real-time Reporting Features that Decrease Time Required to Prepare Reports


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