Compare TCO of All Vendors

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Compare Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of All Vendors


Webinar Key Point #7

The #7 Key Point we discuss in the "Winning Strategies for Purchasing IT Help Desk and Customer Service Software or Cloud Computing" webinar is to compare the total cost of ownership of all vendors.

It is generally very easy to determine the acquisition costs of purchasing a call tracking system. However, it is more difficult to determine the ongoing lifetime costs. For example, there are enormous amounts of labor required to generate reports with many tools. Also, your company may need one or two people for routine maintenance, report generation and ongoing configuration/customization.

Ask each vendor on your short list to prepare an estimated Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over four years, so you can study their assumptions. Ask them to consider all the acquisition and lifetime costs of ownership. This will help you better compare vendors "apples to apples" and understand the true lifetime TCO of a new call tacking system.

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