Identify Pain of Check Signers, if Any Actually Exists


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The project leader or champion is responsible for identifying all the pain of check signers. Yes, you may know your own pain; but you must identify the pain of check signers, if any actually exists. Often, this pain can be latent. Perhaps it has existed for so long that senior leaders no longer realize that they really have this pain. For example, a senior level leader may not be receiving the kinds of reports they desire. As a result, they may not be monitoring important KPIs/metrics and are thus making decisions without the benefit of very important information.

If you find that the project approval keeps on getting delayed, this is a good indicator that there is not enough pain in your organization, or the pain points have not been properly highlighted. The check signer may not be feeling significant pain. The project leader has not identified/highlighted significant check signer pain. Also, no compelling enough economic analysis has been made to justify the purchase. Any new purchase must be at a lower TCO and have more functionality than what the company is currently paying today.

Further, engage with the other key approvers/supporters above you and below the check signer and document their pain as well. You must build a business case and economic argument that supports going to a new solution that will save the company money, eliminate pain points, and at the same time improve functionality.

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