Understand Pain Points of CIO and Senior IT Leaders

Do Check Signer Have Significant Pain?


Initially, your most important responsibility is to determine the pain level throughout your organization that is caused by not having an appropriate IT help desk or customer service call tracking application. Perhaps your company does not have an application, or the application you are using is not providing all the benefits that you desire.

It is critical to understand the pain points from the perspective of senior leaders such the CIO/ IT Director or VP/Director of Customer Service. In over a decade of experience engaging with customers, Giva has found that there must be strong, deep and very significant pain that senior leaders feel in order to motivate them to sign a check for a new help desk or customer service application purchase. This has always been the case, even before the late 2008 economic crisis. However, even as the economy is turning around, this is still the case. There is a "new normal" in business that dictates careful analysis and justification when spending money for software purchases.

Your best chance of getting your project approved is with the following approach. Document the pain points of the check signers. Share these pain points with vendors and make sure that they can solve the pain and not cause other pain. For example, your reporting problems may be solved, but the price point of the new call tracking solution may not be affordable.