Calculate Total Cost of Ownership of IT Help Desk Software

Four Sources of Check Signer Pain -  SaaS Hosted IT Help Desk & Customer Service Cloud Computing



> Labor Intensiveness is Painful

Check signers do not want to spend money on people to manage and maintain software applications. Instead, they prefer automation, simplicity and easy to use administration for configuration and customization. They are interested in getting their KPIs/metrics without having to train people to use report writers and sending staff away on expensive business trips to "Report Guru" school.

Check signers also know that often project teams overlook the true total cost of ownership of owning software. They know this by just looking at all the money the company spends for consultants to configure, customize and otherwise maintain software applications. Software is often built to be almost infinitely flexible, but it comes with a significant price tag of complexity, requiring custom coding or specialized consulting skills.


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