Outsourcing vs. In-House Customer Service

Outsourcing Customer Service

The eternal argument: should companies outsource customer service? The truth is, it depends. There are a number of factors that go into deciding whether or not to outsource your company's contact center. Let's take a look at both sides.


  • Cost: generally speaking, outsourcing is more cost effective.
  • Time: having a 3rd party handle customer service will leave you more time to focus on other important things in your business.
  • 24/7: it is easier to provide customer service all of the time with outsourcing.

These three points are great reasons to consider outsourcing, but there are a few things to remember: cost and quality are often connected, so cheaper is not always better, and customer service is a critical part of any company.


  • Knowledge: internal teams know the product and the company because they work in the heart of it each day.
  • Feedback: in-house gets your company direct feedback from customers.
  • Control: you can stop by and hear interactions between your reps and customers, with the ability to assist when necessary.

These three points are great reasons to provide in-house customer service, but remember: it is more expensive and becomes more difficult on a larger scale, so make sure you build and maintain a strong support team.


Outsourcing works well in some cases. The key is to find a good partner. You need to be careful when choosing a company to outsource with. There are pitfalls that are critical to avoid. Vcall Global offers some tips on outsourcing here.

Both outsourced and in-house customer service require being thorough. It is your job to know your customer service, no matter where it is located. This is the front you present to customers, and it has been known to make or break a business. Whether you decide to outsource or stay in-house, focus on providing the highest quality service possible.