Connected Medical Device Security to be Explained during February 8th, 2017 Webinar

Security should be a top priority when it comes to protecting the most private information found on an organization's connected medical devices. Though as many of us know, in a world where cyber-attacks are becoming more prevalent, protecting this information is becoming far more challenging.

An opportunity to learn more about potential risks and protection of this particular technology is upcoming, when the "Connected Medical Devices: How Well are They Secured?" webinar begins on February 8th, 2017 at 12:00PM CT. It is a complimentary event hosted by Mayuresh Ektare, VP of product management for Silicon Valley startup ZingBox, and in association with The Learning Center powered by HIMSS.

HIMSS Connected Medical Devices Security Webinar

This webinar will outline the challenges faced by security professionals in terms of securing medical endpoints, as well as discussing steps that can be taken to both avoid and minimize the risk of becoming the next victim of a cyber-attack.

In addition, the webinar will inform participants on other key traits related to security and healthcare. For instance, an explanation on why the healthcare industry has endured more cyber-attacks than any other industry in recent years, as well as outlining the reasons why traditional security solutions are not sufficient enough for securing an organization's connected medical devices.

The host, Mayuresh Ektare, is an expert in enterprise security, networking and cloud. One of his many accolades includes previously holding several leadership positions at Trend Micro, where he assisted in bringing to market enterprise security solutions for web, email, network visualization and cloud security.

A recent Business Insider study outlines some alarming statistics about the risks associated with cyber-attacks and connected medical devices. One statistic that stands out most, however, is that companies which operate critical infrastructure sites reported 295 cyber-attack occurrences in 2015, up sharply from 245 during the same time frame in 2014.

Evidence continues to grow that cyber-attacks on connected medical devices are moving in an upward trend, and those interested in protecting these devices must always remain one step ahead of the individuals who want to manipulate devices and data alike.

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