Giva is Ready to Serve You Through COVID-19

Let us first start by quoting some famous people: "This too shall pass".

Recently, we have seen a significant rise in confirmed cases of the Coronavirus, or COVID-19, across our country. At Giva, we take this situation very seriously and wanted to take a moment to address the actions being taken to protect our people and infrastructure to make sure that Giva can continue to provide services to you, our valued and loyal customers.

Like most San Francisco Bay Area companies, Giva has always had a longstanding policy of allowing our people to work remotely from home. As a result, we have excellent processes and infrastructure in place to support telecommuting so we feel confident that our teams will remain productive and healthy. Giva also has some workers outside the state of California as well so we have geographic diversity to our workforce. We have suspended all company related business travel to further mitigate risk to our workers and the community. Giva is also encouraging our workers to carefully consider any personal travel plans in light of today's environment.

Giva is providing reminders, support and encouragement to all our workers and their families to practice "social distancing", excellent hygiene and all the procedures recommended by the CDC. We hope that you join us in encouraging your own families and community to do the same.

Locally in the Bay Area, ordinances have been put in place in Santa Clara County and the City of San Francisco to limit large gatherings of people to help diminish the spread of the virus. Santa Clara County and the City of San Francisco have recently declared a local emergency to make it easier to combat COVID-19 with additional government resources.

Our server farms that run our applications are hosted outside of California in a redundant environment with Databank, a specialist in HIPAA compliance and based in the USA. They have very strong business continuity plans in place so we are confident that there will be no disruption to our service. Giva has also recently reviewed their plans in light of COVID-19 and we feel very confident that they will be able to stay operational.

In addition, we've compiled this list of helpful resources for your convenience:

CDC Coronavirus Home Page:

CDC Coronavirus Cases in the U.S.:

CDC Coronavirus FAQs:

CDC What to Do If You Are Sick with Coronavirus Disease:

On a more personal note, we hope that you'll be safe, take good care of your health and be a positive influence on those around you....that's #1. In a few years we will look back on this and remember this time, but things will recover and all will be well again.